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MasterCard MoneySend like PayPal for BlackBerry

MasterCard extends its PayPal-like MoneySend app to the BlackBerry. There's also a very similar version of the peer-to-peer payment app for iPhone.

MasterCard MoneySend on BlackBerry
MasterCard MoneySend is a mobile PayPal alternative. MasterCard

It's no surprise that everyone wants in on PayPal's successful payments strategy, and MasterCard is no exception. On Wednesday, the credit card giant launched a version of its MoneySend mobile app for BlackBerry.

Similar to the iPhone version, MasterCard MoneySend for BlackBerry can settle peer-to-peer balances by sending money to friends and family, and purchasing goods from an informal vendor. The app's tool lets you request cash (via text message) that others owe you and receive credit and debit card payments made to your account.

Since MoneySend operates as a form of prepaid credit card, you can also transfer money to and from your account and your credit card or bank account, the funding sources.

There's no signup fee or usage surcharge, but it will take new users about 10 minutes to register from the desktop to link the prepaid card you create to your mobile phone number. MasterCard has partnered with well-known mobile payment provider Obopay, which operates the MoneySend service on the backend.