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Massive laptop storage on the way

Toshiba and Samsung are both working on ever-larger laptop hard drives, so you won't have to suffer desktop storage envy much longer.

One of the few disadvantages left to owning a laptop is having to stare longingly at your desktop-owning buddies while they fill up their massive 500GB hard drives with all sorts of (completely legally acquired) audio and video content.

While it's still not at the half-terabyte level, Toshiba and Samsung are both working on ever-larger laptop hard drives. Toshiba is taking the standard 2.5-inch drive up to 320GB, as well as working on a 200GB drive that runs at desktop-like speeds of 7,200rpm. Both of these should start showing up around November.

Samsung, on the other hand, is concentrating on the smaller 1.8-inch hard drives found in tiny ultraportable laptops (and popular MP3 players). The new Spinpoint N2 1.8-inch drive sports 160GB of storage in a package "smaller than a business card," according to the company.

Expect to see these high-capacity drives in laptops and other mobile devices later this year--but honestly, it's only a matter of time before we all switch over to solid-state hard drives, and then we can build up the capacities of those SSD drives from 32GB to 320GB all over again...