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Massive industrial robot arm doubles as tattoo artist (Tomorrow Daily 404 show notes)

We don't think robots will ever replace a great tattoo artist, but it might be nice for tattoo shops to leave the most basic ink work to a robotic arm.

Getting a new tattoo can be a fun (or scary) experience, depending on what type of person you are...but what if you had the chance to get a tattoo from a robot? Two designers modified a large industrial robot to ink tattoos onto human flesh, but you'll need to be restrained tightly.

Nissan is also in the news this week after unveiling a working prototype of its three-wheeler electric vehicle, the BladeGlider. It definitely looks futuristic, but there's no guarantee a commercial model would look anything like it. We have our fingers crossed, though!

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Getting a tattoo from an industrial robot looks intense (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 404)

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