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Massive 'Indiana Jones' exhibit headed to U.S.

Crave takes you inside a spectacular exhibit opening in Santa Ana, Calif., that explores the cracking world of "Indiana Jones."

National Geographic

The "Indiana Jones" film saga contains a plethora of real-world archaeology and stunning cinematography, an epic score by John Williams, and cunning characters. Perhaps the greatest charm of the movies, however, falls upon the main protagonist played by Harrison Ford.

To celebrate the legacy of the films more than 30 years after the Indiana Jones franchise debuted with "Raiders of the Lost Ark," National Geographic and Lucasfilm teamed with X3 Productions on the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology exhibition, which is set to open October 12 at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Calif. The exhibit runs through April 21, 2013, and features an extensive collection of film props, set designs, models, and concept art used in the films.

Crave hooked up with the curators of the exhibit to give you a look at some of the great movie props -- such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail -- found within the tour.

Thankfully, the exhibit does not feature any snakes.