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Massive 24-film James Bond box set is only $60 today

Every moment from every Bond film in one place: What's not to love?

James Bond
Sony Pictures

If you're headed to see No Time To Die this opening weekend, today's big movie deal is for you. There have been many boxed sets with all of the Bond movies released at any given moment, and that number has climbed to an epic 24 stories. Every James Bond from every era, a legacy spanning lifetimes, contained in one box. The only thing that could be better is not having to spend the full price on such a collection. Today, you can get all of these movies on Blu-ray for only $60. 

While it's true there will be a 25-film collection with No Time To Die as its crown jewel, that collection will almost assuredly be more than $200 when it is first available -- because that's how much this 24-film collection was when it came out. The better deal would be to get this collection at its lowest price, especially knowing it contains a digital collection, and then get the latest film when it is released on Blu-ray. That's going to be way cheaper, even if it doesn't look exactly like all of the other discs in your collection.