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Massage robot for women who want 'pretty breast'

Chinese company looks to finance Breast Massage Robot

Cracks in China's new hybrid capitalist/command economy were bound to surface, but the fact that Wei Wang of BUBBY Robot Technologies should have to go begging to finance his company's breast-massage robot borders on the disgraceful.

Judge for yourself: The portable Breast Massage Robot simulates the professional massager's hand movements while automatically adjusting itself to fit various breast shapes. The result is a comfortable massage at a fraction of the cost.

The list of benefits is endless. According to the literature it's perfect for women who are under pressure and want to relax, women who want to improve their "sex activities," woman who want pretty breasts, and for girls who are reaching puberty and hope to "improve the growth of breast." A perfect gift for your Sweet Sixteen.

You can bet on one thing: If men had the kind of breasts that needed massaging, this thing would already be on the market. For shame!