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Massage chair does what you tell it to

It responds to voice commands.

Relax The Back

At this rate, the smartest technology in the household won't be the computer or the entertainment center, but the massage chair. We've already seen versions with features ranging from multimedia equipment to lie-detecting sensors, after all, and now we have a chair that will cater to your kneads by voice command.

Luxurylaunches says the "ROBO Chair" will customize your position up to 170 degrees while working you over with a "3D roller mechanism," whatever that is. There are tons of massage chairs on the market, so why is this one being featured on a luxury blog? It costs $6,000.

Regardless of price, we think all of these models are trumped by a product that isn't even a chair, and for good reason: the massage bed, by the same company that makes the ROBO. And you don't even need quarters to make it work.