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See Mass Effect cosplayers pose and point Pulse rifles

Mark Meer (the voice of Commander Shepard) and Rana McAnear (the model for Samara) guest star in this impressive Mass Effect cosplay video.

Fans of the video game series Mass Effect love to dress up like their favorite characters.

In the video "Cosplay Remix: Mass Effect," posted on Monday by YouTube channel Beatdownboogie, fans show off their elaborate costumes of characters from the game at various conventions.

See cosplayers dressed as Mass Effect characters Commander Shepard (male and female versions); Kasumi Goto; Garrus; Liara; Jack; Samara; Tali; Salarian; Volus; Cerberus Assault Troopers; Thane Krios; Legion; Wrex; and others.

The video also features a few celebrity cameos, including Mark Meer (the voice actor for Commander Shepard) and Rana McAnear (the model for the character Samara).

The best part of the video isn't when the cosplayers pose in character, but when they're caught having fun in candid moments like drinking a beer or doing the can-can dance together.