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Mass Effect 3 ending targeted by scammers

If you were brought crashing down to Earth by the ending of Mass Effect 3, don't go downloading a new ending yet: it's probably a scam.

You've soared through space on the Normandy, battled hordes of Cerberus troopers and defeated the Reapers to finally reach the end of Mass Effect 3 -- only to be brought crashing back to earth by the controversial ending. But don't go downloading a different ending just yet: it's probably a scam.

Fan fury has prompted Mass Effect developer BioWare to reconsider the end of the game. But scammers have leaped on the opportunity and targetted gamers looking for a more satisfactory ending to the battle between Commander Shepard and the invading alien beasties.

BioWare has promised "game content initiatives", in the form of extra content for downloading. But that's not happening until April, so don't go looking for any alternative endings just yet.

Links that promise new endings are in fact taking disgruntled gamers to surveys that ask for personal infomation, to obtain a password for downloadable content. But as online security expert GFI warns, all the link does is harvest your data for marketing firms to abuse.

So before you download a new ending to Mass Effect 3, make sure it's kosher, from BioWare itself. Like, don't click on anything that says, "Last Mass Effect 3 Ending, was really bad, but here, you have NEW, EXCITING ENDING. You only need, to downlad, and run it, downloader will automacitally start, download, new ending files, you will like it!"

Downlad automacitally? Hmm, I don't think I will like it.

Even if you're not interested in giving Shep the send-off he or she deserves, it's a timely reminder to tread carefully online. Wrong'uns love to target the gaming community: Microsoft has promised 'aggressive' action against scammers targeting Xbox Live users, while the PlayStation Network was knocked out for a month by a security breach. Be careful out there, console compadres.

Are you hooked on Mass Effect? Has the ending left you feeling let-down? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page -- no spoilers though! For more gaming goodness, check out our button-bashing buddies at GameSpot.