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Mask of you the creepiest Halloween costume yet

Real-f wants to make you a mask of yourself, just in case you want to confuse the neighborhood kids more than scare them.

Forget shot-in-the-head Osama bin Laden or this really weird clown. The creepiest costume out there this Halloween hits closer to home--it's you.

Don't worry, no molds are ever broken following the making of a Realface mask. Real-f

Japan's Real-f can make you a mask of yourself that's so realistic it's more unsettling than a trip through the Uncanny Valley--it's like buying a condo there. They're called "The Realface" mask and Real-f creates them using a technology it calls Three-Dimension Photo Form, or 3DPF.

The basic concept behind 3DPF is to take a photo and physical impressions of the face and combine all that shape and coloring data into a detailed 3D model. As Real-f notes on its Web site:

"The "three-dimension Photo Form (3DPF)" technique makes it possible to duplicate pores, eye's blood vessels and iris exactly the same as the originals."

The model is wearing a mask of herself, making her the ultimate in both postmodernism and creepyism. Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

There are a few limitations to 3DPF, however. Real-f is not yet set up to serve customers outside Japan--they've got to take the photos and impressions in person--and they can't yet do teeth. So add airfare to the nearly $4,000 cost of having yourself Realfaced, and be sure to keep your mouth closed.

But if you're going to be laying down some major yen for something like this, you might as well go big or stay home. I say grab a mask, but make another stop at Japan's robot maker Kokoro to have a lifelike Android double made of yourself to do all the trick-or-treating for you while you stay home and have a tea party with one these dolls from the Clone Factory.