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Mashup puts chocolate on the map

A Google Maps mashup called Chocomap, property of online school Ecole Chocolat, plots specialty chocolate shops around the globe. Yum.

Chocomap results for Brussels, Belgium

World maps aren't just for cartographers anymore. The Chocomap is an online map even people with the strongest aversion to geography will be sweet on. It plots out the locations of specialty chocolate shops around the globe, giving addresses and brief descriptions of each store's history and specialty.

The Google Maps mashup might come in handy the next time you've got a hankering for bonbons in Brussels, Belgium, truffles in Tampa, Fla., or mousse (or molded and enrobed pralines, as the case may be) in Melbourne, Australia.

The interface is not the best. Rather than searching for a town, users have to select it from a pull-down tab, which lists every city worldwide that's in the database. For instance, you have to hit the "A" key 21 times before finding your way down to Asheville, N.C., in the list. And, unfortunately, it does not yet plot the location of the Land of Chocolate, but we're hoping that will be added soon.

The map is a property of Ecole Chocolat, an online school for chocolatiers-in-training.

What else is there to say but "yum"?

(Via Daily Olive)