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Mashup alert: Google Earth gets Google News

Google Earth now can show Google News in a new layer. The Internet is global, but increasingly, it's local, too.

This brings some new meaning to the idea of local news: Google has added a new layer to Google Earth that shows Google News related to the area shown on the screen.

The search company announced the addition on its Lat Long blog about geographic matters.

Google Earth now can show Google News.
Google Earth now can show Google News. Google

"By spatially locating the Google News' constantly updating index of stories from more than 4,500 news sources, Google Earth now shows an ever-changing world of human activity as chronicled by reporters worldwide," said Google product manager Brandon Badger.

I've been a fan of geotagging photos, but clearly the trend is much broader than that.

The Internet has made global news a reality, but there are several efforts under way to meet the demand for local news, too. Google News can be customized to show headlines from a given city, state, or ZIP code, and MetaCarta overlays links to local news on a Google map.

Google Earth is software that shows the planet, letting people zoom up close and show different layers of geographically relevant information. The company's online equivalent, Google Maps, is gradually growing more similar, gaining Google Earth's satellite views and its ability to show local photos, for example.