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Honorable mention goes to Netflix's 'Mascots' in this new trailer

Brilliant mockumentarian Christopher Guest gets his band of comic players back together to tackle those fuzzy cheerleaders in a movie for Netflix.

Some might say that sports mascots are already a parody of themselves, but no one can take the ridiculous and make it even funnier than Christopher Guest. The man who tackled the world of dog shows ("Best in Show") and folk singers ("A Mighty Wind"), among other mockumentaries, now takes on team spirit for Netflix in "Mascots."

The first trailer for the movie shows Guest getting the old gang back together, that is, one of the funniest and cleverest improv ensemble casts around. Like in "Best in Show," Guest takes you behind the scenes of a mascot competition, with gems like, "I went to the Fluffies five years ago. I got honorable mention. That's like first place, really. It's a weird first place."

"Mascots" stars Guest-film regulars Parker Posey, Jennifer Coolidge, Fred Willard, John Michael Higgins and more. It also features some (relatively) new faces, such as Zach Woods ("Silicon Valley") and Oscar Nunez ("The Office"), among others. The movie's scheduled to debut on Netflix on October 13. Go team!