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Marvel's new all-woman X-Men

As part of the Marvel Now reboot, the comics giant is relaunching X-Men — as an all-woman team.

Issue 1 variant cover by Terry Dodson.
(Credit: Marvel)

As part of the Marvel Now reboot, the comics giant is relaunching X-Men — as an all-woman team.

In August 2011, DC shook up its universe, taking everything back to square one with The New 52 reboot. All characters and stories were reset, wiping the slate clean for a reintroduction.

Now it's Marvel's turn — and, as part of its Marvel Now reboot, X-Men is receiving a pretty dramatic change — there are no men on the X-Men team.

Instead, the new team counts coup for minority representation in comics, starring Storm (once again sporting her brilliant mohawk), Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Rachel Summers and Jubilee as the central character — only half of whom, it should be noted, are white.

It's not going down so well with fans, though. The writer of the new book, Brian Wood, has been receiving some unhappy mail.

But Wood remains firm in his purpose to tell a proper story with female characters, telling Wired:

There's too much cheesecake out there that is sold, or at least marketed, as a "strong female" character or book when it's anything but. It just reinforces the worst opinions of the most sexist fans, and we gain no new ground. We probably lose ground. I'm not approaching this new X-Men as a "female book", but I'm writing it as a high action X-Men comic, and with some luck, that will nullify some of these poisonous critics who go looking for something to feel angry/uncomfortable/threatened by.

It certainly sounds like it will be exciting; according to USA Today, the story will start with Jubilee bringing home an orphaned baby who may be the key to saving the world; meanwhile, villain Sublime is forced to turn to the X-Men for help from a galactic menace, creating an uneasy alliance.

With art by Olivier Coipel, the book looks highly promising. At the very least, it can't be worse than Marvel Divas.

Issue 1 of X-Men is due to hit shelves in April of this year.