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Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix series increases hip-hop mass appeal, names episodes after Gang Starr songs

Every episode of the upcoming series will be named after songs by the prolific hip-hop duo and the first three have already been revealed.

Cheo Coker, the showrunner for Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix, revealed at Comic Con last week that every episode of the upcoming show will be titled after a Gang Starr song, and today he shared the first three.

On Twitter, Coker unveiled that "Moment of Truth," "Code of The Streets," and "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?" will be the names of the first three episodes, and he will tweet a new one every Friday until the show premiers.

The Gang Starr references are no surprise to the already hip hop-infused Marvel series; Ali Shaheed from A Tribe Called Quest and Adrian Young were tapped to compose the show's score, and one of the teaser clips prominently features slain NYC rapper Notorious B.I.G.

We don't know how or if hip-hop will influence the storyline, so we'll have to wait until Luke Cage premieres on Netflix on September 30 to see.