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Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' picked apart by Honest Trailers

Not even Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America are safe from biting comments.

Watching superheroes fight one another over personal freedoms might not sound like fun, but Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War" ended up becoming this summer's go-to movie for fans of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and their adversaries.

In a video posted Tuesday, Honest Trailers points out that while "Captain America: Civil War" was a huge box-office success, the movie was far from perfect. Honest Trailers, which is a YouTube series from Screen Junkies featuring a voiceover that makes fun of films, offers hilarious opinions about the 2016 superhero movie.

Although Marvel superheroes beating up on each other seems to be a theme in all Avengers-related films, Honest Trailers mocks the fact that the extensive back stories in "Civil War" are so hard to keep track of that most fans would need a cheat sheet just to remember them all.

However, the harshest revelation Honest Trailers mentions is the uncanny comparison between "Captain America: Civil War" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

"Enjoy the hero versus hero movie everyone loved instead of the hero versus hero movie that most everyone hated; featuring a non-superpowered villain tricking a symbol of America into fighting a billionaire playboy using an incoherent plan that included blowing up a meeting of government officials and using the heroes' moms to manipulate them, that ends with an ominous warning from a prison cell, and sets off an universe worth of spin-offs along the way," the Honest Trailers narrator says in the video.