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Marvel shares touching Stan Lee tribute video

"There will never be a world without Stan Lee."

As comic book, superhero and movie fans mourn the passing of the legendary Stan LeeMarvel and Disney paid tribute to Lee Tuesday with a video that looks back at his life and legacy.

Lee was the mind behind icons Spider-Man, The Avengers and the X-Men, among many other pop-culture touchstones. Marvel's video focuses on the person and the personality behind those superheroes.

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The tribute starts with black-and-white footage from 1968, showing Lee looking much younger than he has appeared in recent movie cameos. The video combines photos and clips of Lee with insights from Marvel executives.

"Stan's best creation was always Stan," says Tom Brevoort, Marvel senior vice president and executive editor. Brevoort describes Lee's personality as simultaneously self-effacing and self-aggrandizing. 

Marvel's Sana Amanat, vice president of content and character development, gives one of the most poignant descriptions of Lee's contributions: "He's the heart of the Marvel universe." The video is a fitting salute to a legend.