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Fists fly (and land) in 'Iron Fist' official Netflix trailer

Everyone is kung fu fighting in a new trailer for Netflix's "Iron Fist," the story of a young man and his superpowered hand.

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Danny Rand just wants to talk, but if you push him, he's willing to let his fists do the talking. Netflix already treated Marvel fans to teasers for the new "Iron Fist" series, but we now have the official full trailer, published Tuesday.

The story picks up 15 years after Rand, played by Finn Jones, is presumed dead in a plane crash. He's back in New York City trying to find his place with his family and his company, Rand Enterprises.

Rand's superpowers come from his kung fu fighting skills and supernatural glowing Iron Fist. Not everyone is happy about his return, and the trailer hints at the evil forces aligning against him.

The trailer isn't giving too much away plot-wise, but it is broadcasting plenty of martial-arts action.

"Iron Fist" debuts on Netflix on March 17. It joins a lineup of other popular Marvel properties on the streaming service, including "Jessica Jones," "Daredevil" and "Luke Cage."

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