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Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Great Scott! Marty and Doc arrive in the future in front of a live studio audience on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where they're surprised to learn we haven't made as much progress they'd imagined.

The live audience for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" got quite a treat on Wednesday when a certain time-traveling DeLorean rolled into the studio on Back to the Future Day.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd emerged from the DeLorean in character as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, respectively, amazed that they'd successfully arrived in the future New York from across the country in Hill Valley.

The funniest bit was when Marty asked Kimmel if people were watching him and Doc on live TV right now. Kimmel's response was the most perfect and appropriate thing ever, truly capturing the zeitgeist of 2015. "People are watching us on TV right now," Kimmel said, "but honestly most people will probably watch us on their phones on the toilet tomorrow."

Yep. Pretty much spot on.

Marty and Doc went on to quiz Kimmel about this new futuristic world of 2015, and were disappointed that we have no flying cars and no real hoverboards and we still haven't achieved peace in the Middle East. "Hey Doc, it seems like 2015 kind of sucks," Marty says after Kimmel tries to convince him that our crowning achievement over the last 30 years was the creation of the cronut.

The whole segment is fun to watch, especially as we wake up on October 22 and realize the entire "Back to the Future" trilogy takes place in the past, and the Cubs were eliminated from their World Series run instead of finally winning as the movies promised.

But hey, at least we now have self-lacing shoes, as Marty also demonstrated on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."