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Martini Life launches as hub for affluent individuals

Martini Life has launched to provide affluent individuals with all the news they want about their interests.

Martini Media, an advertising network that's aimed at affluent people, announced Wednesday that it has officially launched Martini Life, a site that targets high net-worth individuals through seven main channels: sailing, equestrian sports, private aviation, wine, classic cars, golfing, and cigars.

Martini Life aims at becoming the "go-to" destination for affluent individuals, but it won't create its own content. Instead, the site has pulled in more than 70 publishers and blogs to syndicate content to the site. For example, the site's sailing page features updates from the Mega Yacht News Blog and various other yachting-related sites across the Web.

Martini Media has also signed up Paramount and Sony as advertisers, along with more specialized companies like Giotto's Aircraft and OCSC Sailing.

Martini Life is generally designed well and finding stories about a particular interest was made simple thanks to its attractive homepage. Ironically, the site reminds me of news aggregator Alltop, in the sense that some of the best sources are at the user's disposal. But it should be noted that Martini Life provides a far more user-friendly interface than Alltop. Each story in the channels includes a "Vote" button to allow users to decide which stories were relevant and worth reading and those that were not. So far, there's little activity on the site and voting is practically non-existent, but it should be interesting to see if Martini uses the voting mechanism to change content partnerships over time.

The worst element of the entire site is the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Instead of providing a well-designed navigation menu at the top of the page, Martini instead decided to place it at the bottom as a ridiculously large strip featuring links to other channels and an extremely large advertisement. It takes away from an otherwise attractive design.

Although the site is in its infant stages and the company needs to work some design kinks out, the Martini Media's CEO said that it will be expanding Martini Life in the next few months to add more "leisure pursuits" targeted to affluent people.