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Martin Buckley quits Novell over 'certain principles' (UPDATE)

Matt Asay says the well-respected product manager's departure may be a harbinger of really big changes in company's systems and resource management unit. UPDATE: Looks like he just wanted a job at Microsoft.

Martin Buckley Novell

Wow. Martin Buckley, longtime product manager and global evangelist for Novell's Systems and Resource Management products (e.g., Zenworks), has quit Novell.

He hasn't given any real details as to why but says he's leaving over "certain principles."

Word on the street is that Buckley was set to do a lot of stuff at Novell's upcoming Brainshare user and partner conference. His departure may be a harbinger of really big changes in Novell's systems and resource management business unit.

Positive changes? Well, apparently not, from Martin's perspective. You don't quit a company after eight and a half years over "certain principles," unless things are really bad.

I never knew Buckley during my time at Novell, but he was and is well-respected. His departure doesn't inspire confidence.

UPDATE: Heard from a credible source that Martin is on his way to Microsoft. I guess the "certain principles" weren't things like "open source purity" and such. Maybe Martin wasn't happy that Novell hasn't fully sold itself to Microsoft. :-)