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Marking Gates' last day--with videos

To mark Bill Gates' last day as a full-time employee of Microsoft, we'll have plenty of coverage all day. First up, videos from over the years.

Well, it's finally here: Bill Gates' final, official day at Microsoft as a full-time employee.

To mark this historic moment--33 years in the making--we've been combing through our video archives to find some memorable stuff.

• Origin of PC clones
At a 2001 event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the personal computer, Gates and Compaq founder Rod Canion reflect on the creation of the modern PC business.

•  Control-alt-delete...gulp
At the same 2001 event, IBM engineer Dave Bradley talks about how the keystroke came to be, quipping that, though he invented it, Gates made it famous. The best part of this video is the look on Gates' face after Bradley's comment.

• Hits and misses
Nobody's perfect, not even Gates.

• End of an era, ha ha ha
At CES 2008, Gates and friends debuted a comical look at what life would be like as his last day approaches. U2's Bono, actor George Clooney, and director Steven Spielberg get some laughs at Gates' expense.

• Shifting roles
Here's a look back at Gates' career, with highlights from recent speeches.

• On outflanking rivals
Gates talks at CES 2008 about how Microsoft can beat rivals as software moves to the phone, TV, other devices.

• The future of tech
In the coming years, the conference table, the whiteboard...everything will be a computer, Gates says in October 2007.

• Microsoft versus Apple
At CES 2007, Gates talks about how Microsoft would trump Apple in the digital living room.

• Gates going, but slowly
In June 2006, Microsoft's co-founder was already planning for a different future for himself.

• Ballmer's tearful good-bye
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave Gates a teary thank-you as the founder said farewell to company employees at a town hall meeting Friday in Redmond, Wash.

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