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Marketing firm 6S asks Apple to call new phone the iPhone 7

The 6S agency really likes its name and lightheartedly asks Apple to rethink the naming scheme for its next generation of smartphones.

Apple is holding an event September 9 to announce its next line of iPhones (among other things), and one marketing firm is hoping the company has a last-minute change of heart on what it's planning to call the next iPhone .

That firm, 6S Marketing in New York, has launched a creative and amusing campaign to try to get Apple to consider its request -- and of course, let the world know about 6S Marketing. The firm put up one billboard in New York City's Times Square and stationed a mobile billboard outside the flagship glass cube Apple Store on Fifth Avenue with a simple message.

"Dear Apple, Please call it the iPhone 7. Sincerely, 6S Marketing."

6S Marketing's mobile ad unit in front of Apple's flagship store in New York City. Chris Cassidy/6S Marketing

Alongside the message is a Web address, WeAre6S.com, that links to the company's blog post about how founders Chris Breikss and John Blown decided to call the firm 6S Marketing, back in 2000. The billboards also feature the hashtag #WeAre6S. S6 has used the hashtag in the past to highlight and promote its company culture on Instagram and Twitter, and is using it to get folks to join in on the conversation.

Of course, 6S Marketing doesn't really expect Apple to change the name of its next iPhone -- after all, Apple's big event is on Tuesday and the company has already mass-produced the iPhone 6S to get it out to customers later this month.

Still, it's a pretty funny campaign to promote 6S Marketing as we all patiently (or, not so patiently) wait for Apple to unveil its latest line of products, on September 9.