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Marketing 101: Know your audience

CBS CMO George Schweitzer discusses the 9,000-square-foot CBS Television City research facility in Las Vegas.

One of the ways to know your audience is through research. My never-ending quest as a TV marketing guy is to understand viewer behavior and how to influence that decision-making process. We study why TV viewers choose what they choose.

Recently, I traveled with members of my team to Las Vegas to ask these questions and more at our world-class CBS Television City research facility at the MGM Grand Hotel. The 9,000-square-foot space is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and an expert research staff. This is where we test audience response to new TV shows as well as our advertising.

The input we gather from real people who represent a good cross-section of our audience helps us shape our marketing campaigns to be the most effective. We learn what they like, don't like, how they watch, and what is important to them. It's all great feedback that helps us do our jobs smarter.

Oh, yes, in the "I wish I had thought of this" category: one of the most interesting observations during the trip: Restroom TV and ads at the sinks in the MGM Grand Hotel (see picture below). Only in Vegas.

Stay tuned!