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Mark Zuckerberg's white sunscreen face has already been transformed into a meme

Joker, Star Trek's Data, Dr. Moreau, Halloween's Michael Myers and more star in memes mocking the Facebook mogul's sunscreen-covered face.


This is what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg looks like when he's not covered in white sunscreen.

Screenshot by Queenie Wong/CNET

A new photo of Mark Zuckerberg made the rounds on Sunday, depicting the Facebook CEO surfing on his electric surfboard in Hawaii while wearing far too much white sunscreen

Naturally, it didn't take long for people to make the image into a hilarious meme. 

Not surprisingly, fans made connections to Zuckerberg's white face to that of DC Comics villain the Joker, especially given the resemblance to when the Joker (played by actor Cesar Romerosurfed in a vintage Batman TV episode

"Was trying to think of who Mark Zuckerberg surfing reminded me of and then it came to me," one person tweeted on Sunday.

Meanwhile, other people compared Zuckerberg's white face to Star Trek's humanoid android Data.

Other fans saw the ghost from Spirited Away when they looked at Zuckerberg's white face.

Other people compared Zuckerberg's surfing look to characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Point Break, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Halloween and Mrs. Doubtfire, just to name a few.

Here are some of our favorites.