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Mark Zuckerberg: More Google+ followers than anyone

Even though he hasn't posted anything, Mark Zuckerberg has one and a half times as many followers as Google CEO Larry Page and more than anyone else.

If you haven't yet tried Google+, you will surely at least have heard that it's where the action is right now.

You will also likely be desperate to know precisely the kind of action is being enjoyed--and, of course, who are the leaders of the Google+ gang.

I am delighted, therefore, that the Silicon Alley Insider has taken up some of its July 4 to discover that there is a clear leading light on Google's new social network: Mark Zuckerberg.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Yes, the Mark Zuckerberg. Not one of the Madame Tussaud's versions that began to populate Google+ as soon as it emerged into daylight.

The real Zuckerberg has, as I write, almost 30,000 followers. Google CEO Larry Page hasn't yet managed 20,000.

Has Zuckerberg offered some clever aphorisms, some details of his recent animal slaughtering or even news of how his Chinese lessons are going? Not quite, For, in contrast to Page, he has offered absolutely nothing.

This might rather portend that a certain section of humanity has plunged down a very large well in the hope of finding an imaginary friend.

The only thing that Zuckerberg has offered is an expression of surprise that people are surprised that he is on Google+ at all. But that expression of surprise came in a text.

Will everyone have to take sides in this feisty sprint to Google+ popularity? It promises to be even more pulsating than the race between Lady Gaga and Barack Obama on Twitter.