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Mark Hamill has perfectly perverted use for Luke Skywalker emoji

The actor has coined a new word: "Innocestuous."

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars film series, has some thoughts about his emoji self.

The new emojis are available in the mobile matching game Disney Emoji Blitz, and those of Luke show him with a number of facial expressions. In fact, Hamill joked on Twitter, those are "all 7 of the emotions" the actor used in the three original movies.

But one expression stood out for Hamill. The image of a blushing, wide-eyed Luke reminded the actor of that shared Luke-Leia kiss that got a little Flowers in the Attic after it was revealed the two were twins. Hamill even invented a word for the occasion.

"Luke's expression when he realized Leia was his sister," Hamill wrote. "Their ignorance = #Innocestuous"

Yikes. Also, Game of Thrones siblings Jaime and Cersei say hold my space beer.