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Mark Hamill matched with Luke Skywalker as his Star Wars dream date

Hey, at least he didn't end up with a love connection to his twin sister Leia.

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Luke and Leia share an unexpected kiss in The Empire Strikes Back. 


If you could be romantically paired with any Star Wars character, who would it be? Would you want to snuggle up with R2-D2? Maybe get some Wookiee nookie from Chewbacca?

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill took a "Which Star Wars Character Will Be Your Valentine's Day Date?" online quiz and ended up with a surprising love match -- himself, Luke Skywalker. "I got: Luke Skywalker," Hamill tweeted on Tuesday. "Seriously, it might seem odd at first, but if I WAS dating myself, it would explain a LOT. #LukeLovesSkywalker."

At least Hamill didn't end up romantically linked to Luke Skywalker's twin sister Princess Leia. After all, his character and Leia did kiss -- before they realized they were long lost siblings. 

In 2016, Hamill tweeted all about that controversial kiss in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back.

"It's a big joke and everyone has a good laugh, but for Luke it was TRAUMATIC! Seriously, a life-altering experience," Hamill tweeted back then.

Yeah, it's probably for the best Hamill is romantically linked to himself in the end.