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Mark Hamill and Stan Lee join forces on new Marvel Avengers project

The two legendary geek icons chat about their collaboration on Marvel's upcoming Avengers: Black Panther's Quest.

If you put Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and Marvel comic book creator Stan Lee in the same room, geek magic is bound to happen.

Hamill and Lee joined one another for an interview to promote their involvement in Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest, the next season of the Avengers animated series airing on Disney XD.

In a video posted on June 8, the two legends discuss their work on season 5 of Marvel's Avengers animated series, as well as cameos, villains and more.

Hamill plays the character Arnim Zola in the upcoming Black Panther's Quest, who happens to be a Hydra scientist "with a technological body, and has been implanted into this robot-like exoskeleton," Hamill said in the video. "He's a time traveller who has been locked in a 70-year battle with Captain America. I'm excited because Black Panther is coming into the storyline."

Hamill has voiced Arnim Zola previously in the various animated shows and games from Marvel including: Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers: Secret Wars, and Lego Marvel's Avengers video game.

Hamill went on in the video to talk about why he's always been a comic book geek and a big fan of the Marvel universe. He also called Lee the uncle everyone wish they had."

Lee joked that working with Hamill was "terrible."

"Because when I hear him read the lines, when I hear how talented he is, how he can do another dialect and become another person, it's fantastic," Lee said. "I read lines beautifully, but only as myself. I mean, if I had to be Baron Zemo, I wouldn't know how to do it, but he becomes Baron Zemo."

Lee goes on to talk about what makes a great supervillain memorable. 

"He has to have more than an evil power," Lee said. "There has to be something interesting about him -- his personal life or what he wants. Our villains are not the kind of villains that are so obvious. They have their own motivations, their own differences, their own ambitions. They're more interesting than the heroes."

Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's Quest debuts this fall on Disney XD.

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