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Marissa Mayer reportedly wants another CEO job

The former Yahoo seat doesn’t just want to become a full-time venture capitalist, according to a new report.


Yahoo's former CEO reportedly says she wants to be a CEO again. 


Marissa Mayer is on the job market after the former Yahoo CEO left the company following its buyout from Verizon.

But while some have speculated she'll take a role as a full-time venture capitalist, Mayer says she wants another turn in the driver's seat as a CEO, according to a report Wednesday by Business Insider.

Mayer, a former Google executive, joined Yahoo in 2012. Hopes were high that she'd turn around the troubled internet giant. The odds weren't in her favor: When she took the post, she was the fifth CEO in as many years.

Yahoo eventually agreed to an acquisition by Verizon, which merged it with AOL to form a new media entity called Oath. The deal closed last month and Mayer officially left the company.

Mayer didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on Twitter.