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Mario's midnight madness

Mario's midnight madness

Redmond may be Nintendo of America's corporate headquarters, but New York City has its own home for Big N, and it's going to be a lot busier than Washington this weekend. The Nintendo World Store at 10 Rockefeller Plaza is hosting a midnight madness event to celebrate the U.S. launch of the Nintendo DS Lite. The store will have free pizza, a DJ, and a guy in a giant Mario costume to entertain people waiting in line. The first 100 customers will get a free case with their DS Lite.

The line officially starts forming Saturday at 9 p.m., and Nintendo World opens and starts selling the DS Lite at the stroke of midnight. Considering the large nerd population of New York, if you're not reading this from a sleeping bag parked in front of Nintendo World right now, you might have a problem getting your own DS Lite from Nintendo's store. Thankfully, the portable starts selling nationwide this Sunday, so if you're willing to wait another eight hours, you might be able to pick up one of your very own from your local electronics store.

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