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Mario Kart will race you around in Google Maps update

Google's celebrating Mario day -- Mar10, get it? -- by turning your blue navigation arrow into Nintendo's friendly Mario Kart plumber.


Do your daily drive with Mario.


Tap the yellow question mark at the bottom corner of your Google Maps screen, and you're in for a surprise.

Google's celebrating Mario Day this week by inviting Nintendo's iconic character into its Maps. Update the app, look for the question mark, then you can enable "Mario Time." Start Navigation (step-by-step driving directions) within Maps, and the traditional blue arrow showing your progress will be replaced by the irrepressible plumber driving his little kart.

Mario day is Saturday, March 10 (Mar10, see?). Google Maps is rolling out the Easter Egg on Friday and it will be live for a week.

Google's announcement encourages you to use the integration safely, and not "throw bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life."

Mario will appear for both Android and iOS users, Google says, but make sure your Maps app is up to date. Some people already have the update:

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