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Yell to find your lost iPhone, and it will yell back

​Like the swimming pool game it's named after, this new app is fun. Holler to find your misplaced gadget and it will respond, cluing you in on its location.

Marco Polo
Marco! Polo! Marco Polo

Thanks to the new Marco Polo app, available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, you can now find your hidden device by shouting "Marco!" loudly. It will respond "Polo!," so you know where to look for it.

Silently running until you need it, Marco Polo can be customized with 30 different voice options. The input phrase can be customized as well, so you can yell out whatever you want (I vote for "Holy!" "Moly!").

The app is a creation of Matt Wiechec, a designer and developer based in Toronto.

"In those moments where we have all lost our phones to the sofa cushions, or left them on the coffee table, or in the bathroom, we now have a fun way to find them again," he says. "It's like playing tag with your phone, just walk around shouting Marco! and your phone will ring back Polo! in another room."

The Marco Polo app is available worldwide at the iTunes Store for 99 cents (69 pence, AU$1.29).

(Via Sam Levin)