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Marc Fleury joins Appcelerator's advisory board

Who knew that Marc was back in the market?

Marc Fleury, founder of JBoss and sometime DJ, is back in the open-source saddle as advisor to Appelerator, an interesting open-source company that provides tools for building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). I mentioned here the other day that with Ben Sabrin joining Appcelerator other JBossers were sure to follow. This is perhaps the biggest coup of all....

Of Marc's addition, Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator, said:

Marc has been a collaborator and a friend for years and we're pleased to formalize his relationship with Appcelerator. We believe the knowledge he developed building JBoss, to the point where it quickly became a true challenger to much larger competitors and a substantial industry force, will be invaluable to Appcelerator as we look to achieve similar dominance in our pursuit of the enterprise RIA development market.

I've been fortunate to talk shop with Marc several times since his departure from Red Hat. He is razor sharp on open source and will be an excellent help to Appcelerator as it grows.