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Marantz CD player is as pretty as a disco ball

System is expensive but worth the nostalgic trip.


We learned long ago to stop worrying about whether our home media equipment was cool enough, admitting freely that we still listen to CDs and (gasp) even the occasional vinyl album. And occasionally we're actually glad that we haven't gone fully into the MP3 era, especially when we see a sound system like this.

Marantz--a name we grew up with, in the days of 200-pound stereo systems--has come up a stunning CD player with a sliding mirrored panel that hides the disc until it's bathed in LED lighting, according to OhGizmo. It also has a USB connection for MP3 support for those of us who aren't completely fossilized just yet.

The only problem is its $759 price. Our best quadrophonic system never cost that much, even adjusted for post-'70s inflation.