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Map your own photo shoots! Just add Perl

Map your own photo shoots! Just add Perl

Thoroughly admirable tech geek Tim Vidas has figured out a nifty way to map all of his photo shoots with the handily hackable Google Maps. If you have a high-end digital SLR such as the Nikon D2X and a compatible GPS receiver, you can embed GPS data into the EXIF information stored in your photos. Vidas wrote a Perl script that lets Google Maps read that GPS information and map out where you took all of your photos. It's a handy tool if you loved a certain subject or angle and want to recapture it. That, and it's cool to see where you've gone with your camera.

Caution: This is strictly a pro-level project. Do not attempt unless you have a GPS-compatible high-end digital SLR camera and are at least somewhat familiar with Web development.

[Source: Google Maps Mania via Gizmodo]