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Tech Industry

Manugistics loses $8.2 million

The company posts an $8.2 million quarterly loss despite a 15 percent revenue increase over the like quarter last year.

Manugistics didn't disappoint Wall Street with its earnings report yesterday, posting a loss as predicted.

The Rockville, Maryland-based supply chain management software maker lost $8.2 million its first quarter ended May 31 despite a 15 percent increase in revenue over the like quarter last year to $39.8 million. The hit was mainly due to a 17 percent slump in software licensing fees to $16.7 million from the $20.1 million posted the like quarter last year. The company made $2 million in profits the like quarter last year.

Meanwhile, American Software in Atlanta exceeded analysts' predictions. The resource management and business process automation software vendor posted profits of $7.8 million for the year ended April 30, more than double the profits for the previous year.

American's revenue for the year jumped 27 percent to $107.5 million. Fourth quarter profits were up 32 percent from the same period last year to $2.6 million while revenue increased the quarter 19 percent to $29.9 million over the like quarter last year.