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Manual food processor for space-challenged kitchens

Sometimes the big ol' electric food processor is just too much. The manual version fits right in.

Small enough for a cupboard. Smart Kitchen at Amazon

Sometimes it is simpler to think small. The size of my kitchen necessitates a certain amount of nimbleness to achieve delicious results when cooking. Everything must be laid out and a plan of attack formulated. Not thinking ahead sets up a potential domino disaster if I forget to check something off the list. For example, if I forget to chop the celery, plates and knives will have to be scattered and cleared to backtrack a few steps. The potential for burning whatever is on the stove at the time is too great. It is better to embrace the quirkiness of small kitchen cooking and just plan ahead.

One of the problems with not having a large expanse of counters to work with is that things have to be put away. All of the time. This includes my food processor. As much as I would love to leave it out on the counter, there simply isn't enough room. It lives on top of the refrigerator, and often, I avoid making something that would be best suited by a quick spin in the food processor.

This Tupperware Quick Chef Food Processor could change all that. For times when I don't need the muscle of the Cuisinart, this little hand crank version could substitute nicely. It comes with a chopping blade and paddle whisk, while at 5.5 inches by 6.5 inches, the little contraption could easily store away in the cupboard. At such a small and convenient size, one might even be able to find some space on the counter.