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ManiGlove literally puts iPhone control at your fingers

The ManiGlove on Kickstarter puts iPhone and iPod music controls and Siri on the fingers of a Bluetooth-enabled glove.

ManiGlove Version 1
Change the volume with your fingers. ManiGlove

While we're waiting for Google Glass to reach the masses, there are plenty of other wearable technology options to keep us busy. One newcomer is the ManiGlove, an iPod and iPhone control glove raising funds on Kickstarter.

The Version 1 ManiGlove looks a lot like a golfing glove, but it contains a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth for hooking up to your iPhone or iPod. Touch your thumb and different fingers together to change the volume, navigate songs, activate Siri, or control a PowerPoint presentation. Conductive pressure points trigger the commands.

Originally, creator Scott Dixon thought up the glove as an easy way to control music while exercising. The glove is supposedly lightweight and breathable, so it can be worn even when you're out running and getting all hot and sweaty. The battery is good for about 15 hours on a charge, which should get you through a few marathons.

Glove and iPod controls have come together before, notably in the form of Burton's Mix Master Glove for winter sports enthusiasts. What's a little different with the ManiGlove is that you use your fingers, rather than having a remote perched on the back of your hand. It's also way cheaper than the Mix Master's $160 price tag.

Dixon is aiming to hit a pretty reasonable $5,000 funding goal. He's offering a Version 1 glove for a pledge of $39. If you're holding out for a more advanced version, $74 gets you both a first-generation glove and a Version 2 with heart-rate monitor, expected to be released in the fall if the project is successful.

Play your cards right and you may eventually be wearing smart glasses, smart watches, and smart gloves all at the same time. The only dumb piece of clothing left may well be your undies.