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Manifold Clock: A 3D timepiece for math geeks

The Manifold Clock Kickstarter project embraces the mathematical concept of Riemann surfaces to create an artsy 3D timepiece that expresses time through shape and movement.

Manifold Clock
Mathematicians can geek out with the Manifold Clock. Everyone else can just enjoy the clock's good looks. Studio Ve

The Manifold Clock from Studio Ve doesn't require special glasses. It didn't take a crew of 300 and a Hollywood budget to create. It's 3D in its purest form: real life.

The Manifold Clock doesn't just tell time with flat hands, it expresses it with ever-changing shapes created by a flexible sheet of Tyvek attached between the hands. Every minute looks slightly different.

There's some delightful mathematical geekiness behind all of this. The design uses the concept of Riemann surfaces.

If you're a math nerd, you probably already know all about Riemann surfaces. Others can brush up with the Kickstarter video below.

A $45 pledge will get you a Manifold Clock with a few different colors to choose from. A jumbo-size clock is also available for $100. If you love the concept, but don't want to sacrifice wall space, a $1 pledge gets you the screen saver version for your computer.

The Manifold Clock has already topped its $15,000 Kickstarter goal. That means that math classrooms and geek abodes will be sporting the beautifully nerdy clocks soon after they ship in the spring.