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Mandriva Linux pre-installed on Dell laptop

The Dell Latitude 110L features a Linux operating system, a mobile Celeron/Pentium chip and starts at around $1,000.

A Dell laptop computer that costs around $1,000, depending on configurations, and comes with the Mandriva Linux operating system pre-installed is now available, the European Linux company announced Friday.

The Dell Latitude 110L comes with a 1.4GHz, 1.5GHz or 1.7GHz mobile Celeron/Pentium M chip and 256MB to 1280MB of memory. According to Mandriva, Dell's rival Hewlett-Packard will follow suit. The European open-source software firm was formerly known as Mandrakesoft. A Dell spokesman in the U.S. said he was unfamiliar with the Mandriva configuration.

Correction: This story originally contained incorrect information about configurations and pricing.