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Managing PCs after hours

Software from Computer Associates and AMD allows managers to perform maintenance even when networked PCs are turned off.

Computer Associates and Advanced Micro Devices today said they have integrated their desktop management programs, creating a package that allows system managers to perform a variety of maintenance operations even when networked PCs are turned off.

Using Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG and AMD's Magic Packet in tandem, system managers can run backups and antivirus scans and distribute software and even operating system patches after hours, when PCs are typically shut down, the two companies said.

The management solutions are intended to reduce the effort involved in managing networked computers while protecting against loss of data. The software is also intended to lower the "cost of ownership" in a market that is seeing hardware and software solutions proliferate.

The Computer Associates and AMD software is immediately available, but must be used in conjunction with AMD's Magic Packet network cards. The price of Unicenter TNG was not available; Magic Packet is licensed to original equipment manufacturers for $1,000, and licensees are then free to pass it on to their customers.