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Manage multiple email accounts with Mailbird Pro: Just $15 for life

This popular desktop client has never been cheaper. Plus: Can your Qi charging stand do this?


Mailbird Pro offers a unified inbox, touchscreen support, app integrations and lots more, all wrapped in a very attractive interface.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Today's deal is a rerun, but one from way back in 2017 -- and with the all-important lower price than last time.

I'll cut right to the chase: You can get a Mailbird Pro lifetime subscription for just $14.99.

Why would you want such a thing? Let me answer your question with a question: Do you have multiple email accounts? I find juggling multiple browser tabs to be a huge hassle, which is one reason I continue to prefer a desktop mail client. Outlook, Thunderbird, Em Client -- to my thinking they're all vastly superior to, say, Gmail in a browser.

What's more, and I'll get some flak for this, I think Gmail's interface is atrocious. Ugly, unintuitive, productivity-hostile -- and you still can't manage multiple accounts within the same tab? Come on, Google.

Alas, there are exceedingly few free desktop email managers. Thunderbird is the go-to choice for many folks, but I don't care for its dated interface. Em Client is excellent, but the free version limits you to two email accounts -- and the Pro version costs $50.

So allow me to make the case for Mailbird Pro, which is not only one of the prettiest Windows mail clients, but also one of the smartest.

Mailbird offers modern amenities like touchscreen support -- you can swipe your way through your inbox, same as you do on a phone -- and a unified inbox. Woot! Why click through a bunch of different accounts when you can see all your mail together? Mailbird can even sort that inbox so all unread messages appear at the top.

Another killer perk: Snooze. For any email you want to deal with later, just press Z and choose a time for it to return to the top of your inbox. Mailbird also offers a speed-reading option that works similarly to tools such as Spritz.

Finally, Mailbird supports a bunch of third-party apps, everything from Facebook and Twitter to Dropbox and Slack. Once you connect with any of these tools, you'll gain easy access to them in Mailbird's collapsible sidebar. Oh, and for business types, there's a one-click LinkedIn-lookup feature.

Fifteen bucks for life? Sold, sold, sold.


This Bluetooth speaker is also a Qi charger. And vice-versa.


Bonus deal: Does your Qi charging pad just sit there and charge your phone? Scoff! Mine plays music as well.

Because, yes, everything will eventually be a Bluetooth speaker. For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Shnorm Wireless Charge with Bluetooth Speaker is $24.04 with promo code YQXIEB4U. Regular price: $37.

This is an interesting gizmo. It's a Qi charging pad/stand that supports fast charging (up to 10W), and the pad itself is one of those nano silicone sticky pads. I'm honestly not sure why that's necessary here; why not just put a little lip along the bottom edge?

Still, it's nice to have your phone angled up, especially if you want to watch videos. As for the speaker, it's a tube-shaped stereo that sounds, well, good enough for what it is. I could see putting this on a nightstand (there's only a tiny blue LED, so no worries about excessive light) or a desk.

Just one caveat: There's no wall plug included, so you'll have to BYO USB port to supply power. Actually, one more: When you power it on, there's an annoying voice prompt indicating Bluetooth status.

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