Man tries to sell parents on Craigslist

A Connecticut insurance executive offers his parents on Craigslist for $155. He claims he has had many bidders.

I know many people have strong feelings about euthanasia. And who am I to suggest that old people have few uses?

However, who is Michael Amatrudo to put his parents up for sale on Craigslist?

According to NBC New York, Amatrudo's wife is used to his sense of humor. You might conclude, though, that she has suffered enough. For her loving husband decided, just for a little fun, to put his parents up for sale on America's most useful human exchange.

Amatrudo's ad was a poem to filial love: "I got lots of use out of these guys over the past 50 years, but it's time to move on," he wrote. "Will consider trade for newer model, hot blonde under age 40 or an Erector Set in good condition. MUST SEE! Please email or call Michael for additional details and pics. $155.00 OBO."

This being America, the most tasteful of Madison, Conn.'s, residents claims he received many replies to his kind offer.

This picture was taken in Madison, Ct. But I do not believe these are the parents in question. CC Faeryboots/Flickr

Well, he was wise enough to list Ed and Arlene Amatrudo as being in "excellent overall condition and still plenty of life left in them."

While he claims he was touched by those who wrote to him suggesting that really good parents are, indeed, a very rare commodity, one has to wonder about Amatrudo's psyche.

You see, according to the Associated Press, Amatrudo is a 51-year-old insurance executive.

And he told NBC New York that his motivation for the ad was that he was bored. So I ventured to LinkedIn to see if I could discover more about this man.

Well, I could only find the one Michael Amatrudo, who appears to have spent 23 years with the same insurance company, Aon Re.

Should this be the gentleman concerned, everything is surely explained. How else can a man who has spent so much of his life with one insurance company make himself laugh other than to try selling his parents on Craigslist? Watching old Monty Python sketches just has no effect any more.

One can only wonder whether his parents cut him out of their will. You know, just for fun.

How could he put them up for sale for $155? They had to be worth at least $200. Typical insurance company undervaluation.