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Man tries to rip chained iPad from pizza joint counter, fails

In a video that is as educational as it is amusing, a man cases an Illinois pizza joint, smashes the glass, but the iPad simply won't budge.

He huffed and he puffed. NBC Chicago Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you choose not to buy an iPad -- a new or an ancient one -- it is inadvisable to steal one.

I know some people may think this is an easy option. After all, iPads are so very portable, and they seem to be everywhere these days.

Yet, there are commercial establishments that have prepared themselves against iPad thieves by sturdily chaining the machines.

One thief was not to be foiled.

As NBC Chicago reports, the man stared through the window of an empty Pie Hole Pizza Joint in Lakeview, Chicago, at 6.a.m. last Saturday. He was hungry for an iPad chained to the counter.

Satisfied that he had a plan of attack, he returned 30 minutes later, smashed the window, and made a grab for the iPad.

His body language, captured on surveillance video conveyed that he thought this would be easy.

He seemed surprised that the iPad didn't come right off the counter. Yet, the harder he tugged, the more the iPad resisted. Finally, the miscreant gave up. He would not be getting any takeout after all.

"The iPad is in perfect condition," Pie Hole Pizza Joint owner Doug Brandt told NBC Chicago. "Nothing was broken; nothing was damaged at all."

He added: "You can see in the video the guy had to tug, tug, and tug. You could see the counter shaking. You could see the other stuff on the counter topping over. It was well-secured."

So you see, oh potential iPad thief: Proud owners are ready for you. They have chains that are stronger than your greed and thicker than the crust on your average Chicago pizza.

You have been warned.