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Man tries to burn spider with aerosol can, causes house fire

There are better ways to get rid of spider than turning an aerosol can and lighter into a makeshift blowtorch.

Please don't torch it. JtMagicman25/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Methods of getting rid of spiders vary widely from the friendly picking-them-up-by-their-little-legs-and-carrying-them-outside to the slightly more harsh treading-on-them-forcefully-with-your-size-10s.

Some, though, prefer to use methods they regard as scientific. One of these methods is to take an aerosol can, spray the spider, and then light it till it's torched alive. This supposedly ingenious method of creating a makeshift blowtorch holds an attraction for some.

I don't, however, recommend it on several grounds. One is that you might start a fire.

This actually happened Wednesday to one gentleman in South Wales. Afterwards, the local fire department turned to Twitter to explain to humanity: "When attempting to remove spiders from properties, please don't use lit aerosols."

In this case, as the Mirror reported on Thursday, the spider had been minding its own business on a window sill in Bridgend, Wales.

After being forcibly cremated, its killer was forced to call the fire department, as a blaze had started, reported the Mirror.

The South Wales Fire & Rescue Service extinguished the fire at the rear of the house with a single water jet, according to the Mirror, and no serious damage was done.

Given that this is the silly season, though, it's worth noting that this Welsh man wasn't the first to take his frustrations out on an arachnid with a DIY blowtorch.

Just last month, a Seattle man noticed a spider in his laundry room and set out to kill it using a can of spray paint and a lighter. As KOMO News reported, the man not only killed the spider with his DIY blowtorch but also set his rented house on fire, causing $60,000 worth of damage.

"There are safer, more effective ways to kill a spider than using fire," Kyle Moore with the Seattle Fire Department told KOMO News. "Fire is not the method to use to kill a spider."