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Man to run marathon in wacky iPhone harness

Runner Joseph Tame is taking on the Tokyo Marathon with four iPhones, an iPad, and a nutty helmet. A nasty fall might be very expensive.

Runner Joseph Tame shows off his iRun rig, which may or may not add minutes to his time.

What's it like to run 26 miles? I hope I never find out, but I'm comfortable watching others suffer through the ordeal. Especially runner geeks like Joseph Tame. He's built an iPhone harness that enables viewers to sweat with him through every mile of the 2011 Tokyo Marathon.

Tame drew this GPS Hello Kitty by running in Tokyo's Shinjuku district.

The nutty contraption has two iPhones to shoot video, two to run GPS and networking software, an iPad displaying Twitter messages, an Android handset, three mobile Wi-Fi routers, and monitors recording heart rate, ambient temperature and CO2 levels. All of it will be streamed live via Ustream.

Constructed of a backpack, composite rods, and Ikan Recoil camera mounts, the "iRun" rig is designed to stay firmly attached to Tame when he runs the marathon on February 27 along with more than 30,000 other participants. It weighs around 6.6 pounds.

Tame has run the marathon before with iPhone streaming, but the iRun is his most elaborate piece of gear so far.

It uses the iPhone's GPS with the RunKeeper app. Tame jokes that Apple might take an interest in the iRun; he seems to love wacky projects such as running out a 28-mile GPS drawing of Hello Kitty in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. His other "Art of Running" GPS drawings include a 9-mile Twitter bird, a duck, and an elephant.

I'm not sure what animal the Tokyo Marathon course looks like on Google Earth, but you can tune in this weekend to watch Tame do his thing here.

(Via Tokyo Metpod)