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Man stabs girlfriend's ex with Zelda replica sword

A replica of the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda is used as a real-world weapon in a fight between two Houston men.

Link with sword
Link wields the Master Sword. Nintendo

A replica Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda was involved in a very real fight in the Houston area over the weekend. According to a report from KPRC Local 2 television news, Eugene Thompson got into a scrap with his girlfriend's estranged husband and reached for the sword in order to defend himself.

Thompson told KPRC that he attends anime conventions in costume, which is why he owns the sword. "It's a good replica and it looks nice, and it just so happens to be pointed and bladed," he told reporter Gianna Caserta.

The fight started after Thompson and his girlfriend had an argument, after which she called her estranged husband over. Things went downhill from there. Thompson said he held the sword out and the husband walked right into the point of it. Later, there was a scuffle over the sword. Both men were injured and treated at local hospitals, according to KPRC.

The sword wasn't the only parallel to Zelda gameplay. Thompson said the estranged husband also took a flower pot and hit him over the head with it, though the pot apparently didn't contain hearts, rupees, or healing fairies.

It's hard to tell if any lessons will be learned from this strange incident. Perhaps the most important one is that some cosplay weapon replicas are truly serious pieces of battle gear.