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Man says he saved bird with iPhone app

A tree surgeon finds a chaffinch that is worse for the wear. So he operates an iPhone app that offers chaffinch images and sounds. The injured chaffinch is revived and flies again.

There seem to be a lot of Chaffinch apps in the iTunes store. Hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's hard out here for a chaffinch.

People are putting up more and more houses. And then there's those solar panels that seem to have come out of nowhere. You bang into them and your head hurts more than when you've had eight pints of fertilizer.

So who is going to help you? Well, someone with the right iPhone app, it seems.

For here is the story of bird-loving tree surgeon, Leon Timms who, on discovering an injured chaffinch, operated on it with an iPhone app.

The Sun records how Timms believed the bird was fighting for its life.

"I went to have a look and saw this chaffinch lying dazed on the ground -- it must have flown into the solar panels on the roof or one of the upstairs windows," he told the Sun.

Timms says he began to stroke it. But then he had the magical idea of grabbing his iPhone and finding an app that offered the sound of a chaffinch.

This is how I know this tale cannot be a publicity stunt for the app: it isn't named at all.

"It definitely responded to the sound of another chaffinch -- my wife was impressed that I had had the idea of using my mobile," said Timms.

It must be good to be a man who not only impresses bird lovers everywhere, but also moves his wife.

If only one could use this method for all flying things. I would dearly love it, when an airline is late or merely incompetent, to wave an app with the sound of another airline in order to breathe it back into normal service.