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Man reportedly paid $11 for a PS4 after pretending it was fruit

He was sentenced to four months in jail.


The PS4 is a lot of things, but it isn't a tomato.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It's the most white-collar of crimes: lying at the self-serve at the supermarket. You know the drill: you approach the self-serve desk at the shop. You scan the barcode or you weigh the fruit and pay the money. 

Or do you? Maybe you just tell a little white lie... 

It's a trick usually employed by hucksters trying to buy fancy tomatoes at regular tomato prices, or avoiding paying extravagant prices for grapes. This time the trick was used to pay 9.29 euros for a 340-euro game console.

That works out roughly $11, £8 or AU$15 -- instead of $390, £295 or AU$540. Good price if you can get it.

As initially reported in L'Est Républicain, a 19-year-old man was convicted on Jan. 24 for pretending a PlayStation 4 was produce at a supermarket in Monbeliard in eastern France. Easy mistake to make.

Only this man made the same mistake twice, which suggests it probably wasn't a mistake, but a nefarious plan to buy consoles at fruit-and-vegetable rates. 

That's right, the man in question did this twice. Only the second time he was caught. Apparently he stole the consoles to help pay for a ticket back to Nice.

According to reports, he was sentenced to four months in jail.

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